Acoustics can be divided in two different areas. Acoustic insulation allows you to reduce the transmission of noise from one room to another by insulating the walls. Acoustic correction reduces the propagation of noise and therefore the reverberation time or echo within the same room. This creates a calm working space for the inhabitants or guests. For both areas Bruynzeel Multipanel creates several decorative solutions, produced according to your wishes and specifications. Discover a vast choice of natural veneers, high pressure laminates and colours.
For many years Bruynzeel Multipanel has produced high quality plywood materials for construction. Marine plywood is the core for mane decorative and constructive interior and exterior cladding. For both transparent applications and colours, Bruynzeel Multipanel has the perfect products for your project. With a 10, 15 or even 20 years guarantee on the glue lines of the panels our products are the guarantee for a very long durability of your office or building. We offer you solutions for exterior cladding with a natural look and feel, according to your specifications. High quality, durability and aesthetics are the key words. For our high quality panels we use two wood species. Okoume for its light weight, easy handling and extreme mechanical properties. Sapele for its high durability, fine grains and consistent colours. Both species can be combined with the best decorative veneers for interior applications. To guarantee the aesthetics we recommend water based paints and varnishes. These products are environmentally safe and still have the capability to protect the plywood against UV and humidity.
For Marine purposes Bruynzeel Multipanel has proven its quality for over 70 years. It was many years ago when we first produced our Hechthout®. The quality of our Hechthout® still stands. Our marine plywood has proven is quality for all these years and has given our brand name a common status in the global Marine industry. The high constructive properties combined with the nicest decorative veneers make our plywood suitable for every part of your ship. Our products can be used for your interiors, the decking and even the hull of the ship. Many combinations with veneers and also with isolation materials for weight savings or sound reduction are possible. Please ask us for the possibilities.