DEFINITION  HECHTHOUT is a weather and water proof Okoume Marine plywood and has proved itself for over 60 years in construction and boatbuilding. Hechthout is made of the highest quality Okoume veneers, both aesthetical and technical without gaps and knots. Hechthout stands for durability with a minimum maintenance cost. Hechthout is completely (Sea) waterproof and holds a unique 20 years guarantee.
USE  Wall cladding, eaves, dormer windows, garage doors, sign writing, hulls, cabin constructions.
Hechthout can be used both painted or transparent varnished.  
ADVANTAGES  Light weight and easy to use. ‘hidden’ fixing in the traditional way or through gluing. Almost insensitive for expansion or contraction by temperature fluctuations. Low maintenance costs. Long durability. Through the use of many thinner plies the panel is very strong, therefore longer support distances are allowed. 
GUARANTEE  20 years guarantee on the glue lines, if used in correspondence with our instructions for use. 


Okoume 15/10mm, quality A
Okoume 15/10mm, quality B

Okoume inner veneers, closed veneers.
GLUING  Bruynzeel Exterior gluing Class 3 (EN314-2
STANDARD SIZE  2500 x 1220 mm (other sizes upon request)
THICKNESSES  4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 22mm, 25mm (other thicknesses upon request) 
BUNDLE QUANTITIES  4mm – 100 sheets
5 mm – 80 sheets
6 mm – 80 sheets
8 mm – 50 sheets
10 mm – 50 sheets
12 mm – 40 sheets
15 mm – 30 sheets
18 mm – 25 sheets
22 mm – 22 sheets
25 mm – 20 sheets  
OPTIONS  Tailor made panels
Certification of Germanischer Lloyds possible upon request. 
Longer panels possible upon request (Scarf Jointed Panels)
FSC certificate
Lloyds Type Approval 

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